Suzan's Bio

Suzan Ranew is a jewelry maker, silversmith, enamelist, and lampwork bead artist living in Dallas, Texas. She began making simple jewelry designs as a teen and has always been fascinated by rocks, fossils, and glass. Her penchant for combining metal with glass often culminates in edgy designs that blur the lines between masculine and feminine tastes.

Suzan is currently focusing on creating a line of "Pendant Beads." Each is a wearable mini glass sculpture that is designed to be worn on its own without embellishment on a chain or leather neckpiece.

Beginning April 2012, Suzan will have the privilege of dedicating herself to her craft full-time and thus will begin cultivating an online store. Prior to this, her pieces have only been available locally by special order on a limited basis.

If you are interested in acquiring her work, Suzan may be contacted via any of the following:

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2012 International Society of Glass Bead Makers
"Venture" virtual bead show Finalist

Title: Mystic Ocean Owl

Description: This owl's blue green wind swept face and silvery crests reflect the calming hues of a distant mystical ocean's ebb and flow.

Other work by Suzan